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Have confidence in our high-quality equipment

Recycling scrap metal is a fast and easy way for you to do your part to help protect the environment from pollution by keeping products out of the landfills and reducing dependence on new consumer products.

State-of-the-art equipment allows us to quickly and efficiently process a variety of scrap metal so you can get the maximum amount of quality from each piece. From bailers to hauling equipment, we strive to use the best technology for efficiency and reliability.

Bring us your scrap metal including:

• Aluminum

• Brass

• Copper

• Electric motors

• Batteries

• Iron

• Tin

• Lead

• Stainless steel

• Steel

Put extra cash in your pocket

Recycling scrap metal reduces air, land, and water pollution, reduces water and electricity use, and lowers consumer product cost. Beyond these benefits, however, you can earn extra cash just by bringing us your scrap metal.


You will be paid top dollar for the metal we purchase so you can enjoy the benefit of selling your scrap while also feeling good about taking care of the earth.  

Visit our

convenient location for fast, easy recycling of your scrap metal items.

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